Ipod Nano 1st Gen Screen Replacement Tutorial

You can purchase a replacement Ipod Nano screen or battery in the Zombie Store.

Stuff you will need:

  • Ipod opening tool(s)
  • A small screwdriver (phillips)
To open the Nano you will need an ipod opening tool or something similar that can fit into the gap between the two halves of the case.
Create a small gap between the two halves with your fingers and insert the tool. Slide it all the way around the case to release all the clips that hold the two halves together.
Remove the cover. You are now looking at the motherboard and the battery. The battery wires are soldered to the motherboard. Do not try to disconnect them!
Remove the two screws in the picture.
Remove the last screw, but dont try to remove the motherboard yet. First, you have to remove the screen and the clickwheel cables on the other side of the motherboard.
In this picture the motherboard is already removed. The two circles show the location of the cable clasps. To open them you have to lift up the motherboard just a bit and use a small flat head screwdriver to release the two clasps. Now you can remove the motherboard.
This is the screen / backlight (green circle in the picture). Its attached with some adhesive so pull it out slowly. The clickwheel is right under the screen, but its covered by the small metal plate you can see in the picture. The plate is also attached with some mild adhesive.
Installation is the reverse of removal.
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