Ipod Video Disassembly / Screen Replacement Tutorial

A cracked screen doesn't mean that you have to spend $300 on a new ipod. You can replace the screen yourself and save some serious cash! This tutorial also covers the hard drive, clickwheel, and motherboard.

You can purchase a new ipod video screen, clickwheel, or faceplate in the Zombie Store.

Stuff you will need:

  • Ipod opening tool(s)
  • A set of small screwdrivers (phillips, flat head)
ipod video hard drive To open your ipod and get to the screen go through the first 6 steps of the Battery Replacement Tutorial. After you complete those steps you should be looking at the hard drive.
ipod video hard drive cable Lift the hard drive up. The cable on the bottom connects the hard drive to the motherboard. Use something like a small scredriver or your nail to lift up the clasp that holds the hard drive cable.
ipod video screen cable clasp This is the lcd screen cable clasp. Open it up just like the hard drive cable clasp.
ipod video headphone jack cable This is the headphone jack cable. Open the clasp and remove the cable.
ipod video case screws There are 3 screws on each side of the ipod. Remove them and put them in a ziplock bag. They are tiny and very easy to lose.
ipod video front removed Take off the faceplate.
ipod video front panel removed The front of the ipod with the faceplate removed. If you're replacing the screen you can skip the next 4 steps that cover the clickwheel.
ipod video clickwheel This is the clickwheel.
ipod video clickwheel ground The clickwheel ground cable. Peel it off gently.
ipod video clickwheel connector The clickwheel cable clasp. Open it and remove the cable.
ipod video clickwheel removed Remove the clickwheel.
ipod video screen removal Remove the screen.
ipod video motherboard removal Finally, remove the motherboard. Installation is the reverse of removal.
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