DS Lite Disassembly and Bottom Screen Replacement Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to disassemble the bottom half of your DS Lite and replace the LCD screen. It also covers the removal of the motherboard.

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Stuff you will need:

  • A few small screwdrivers (phillips #00, flat head)
  • Triwing screwdriver
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Ziplock bags for screws and small parts
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ds lite bottom screws To get the cover off the bottom half of your ds lite you'll need to remove seven screws. A couple of them are triwing and the rest philips.
ds lite bottom cover Use your fingernail or a small flathead screwdriver to pry the cover off. Watch out for the power and volume switches. They might fall out as you take off the cover.
ds lite cover removed This is the DS Lite motherboard. Take off the shoulder buttons (dont lose the little springs!) and remove two more screws.
ds lite wifi wire

Disconnect the wifi antenna wire.

ds lite mic wire Disconnect the mic wire.
ds lite motherboard


ds lite motherboard 2 The motherboard is still connected to the top half of the DS by the top screen cable. If you're just replacing the bottom screen you don't need to disconnect it.
ds lite bottom screen Lift up this clasp and disconnect the LCD screen cable.
ds lite bottom cable Turn the motherboard over and disconnect the touchscreen cable. Be very careful with this connector. If the clasp breaks off your DS is a paperweight.
ds lite screen removed The bottom LCD and the touchscreen are now disconnected from the motherboard. The touchscreen is attached to the LCD with some adhesive so pull it off carefully if you're replacing the LCD.
ds lite repair service
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