DSi Top LCD Screen Replacement Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to open the top half of your DSi and replace the top lcd screen.

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Stuff you will need:

  • A few small screwdrivers (phillips #00, flat head)
  • Ziplock bags for screws and small parts
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dsi back cover lifted To replace the top screen you have to disconnect it from the motherboard. To get the bottom half open and get to the motherboard see our DSi Bottom Screen Replacement Tutorial.
dsi top lcd cable Disconnect the screen cable from the motherboard. Lift up the black clasp to release the cable. The clasps are easy to break if you're not careful.
dsi camera cable Do the same with the camera cable on the other side of the motherboard.
dsi top case screws The cover of the top half of your DSi is held on with four screws.
dsi top case cover

Close the DSi and push the top cover forward a few milimeters.

dsi top case cover removal Now use your fingernails to pry around the edges of the top cover. Remove the cover.
dsi antenna removal

Remove the wifi antenna and pull out the wire that connects it to the motherboard.

dsi mic cable Do the same for the mic.
dsi lower camera Gently pry the middle camera out of its socket.
dsi top camera Do the same for the second camera.
dsi cameras removed Get the cameras out of the way.
dsi case hinge We have to separate the top half from the bottom half of the DSi. To do that use your screwdriver to push the hinge in the direction of the arrow.
dsi case hinge removed As you can see the hinge is pushed into the top half of the dsi and the two halves are now held together by the camera and lcd cable.
dsi case separated Create a gap between the two halves.
dsi top cables removed Take the two cables and slide them through the slot in the lower half of the case.
dsi top half separated The top half is now completely separated.
dsi top cables rolled Roll the cables into a tube and push them through the hole.
dsi top screen removed Pry around the edges of the screen and take it out.
dsi speaker wires The speaker wires are soldered to the top screen cable. Resolder them to the new screen and follow the steps in reverse to reassemble.
dsi repair service
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