Sony PS3 Disassembly Tutorial

Stuff you will need:

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Torx, flathead, and philips screwdrivers
  • Ziplock bags for screws & small parts
Broken PS3  
PS3 cover screw Remove the plastic case foot and the warranty sticker.
ps3 cover removal Slide the top cover down 1-2 inches.
ps3 cover removal 2 Lift up and remove the cover.
ps3 case screws Remove the 7 screws.
ps3 case clips Push in the plastic clip on the back of the ps3 and...
ps3 top cover removed remove the top half of the case
ps3 psu screws At this point you should be looking at the dvd drive and the power supply. We're going to remove the power supply first. Pull the cable connector out of the motherboard (use your pliers) and remove the 3 screws.
ps3 psu screws 2 Remove three more screws on the other side of the power supply.
ps3 psu cable Use your pliers to disconnect this cable.
ps3 bluetooth board screws Remove the screws and disconnect the cable. Remove the bluetooth board.
ps3 dvd drive cable The dvd drive is next . First, disconnect the cable from the motherboard
ps3 dvd drive cable 2

Open the clasp and remove the wide ribbon cable.

ps3 bottom case screws Remove the screws
ps3 eject reset board Remove the four screws and disconnect the cable. Remove the small green board and the bracket.
ps3 hard drive door Remove the hard drive cover.
ps3 motherboard removal Lift the motherboard and the back cover out of the bottom half of the ps3 case.
ps3 cooling system This is the motherboard and cooling system.
ps3 back cover clips To get the back cover off you have to release 5 plastic clips. Two on one side...
ps3 back cover clips 2 and three on the other.
ps3 back cover removed The back cover removed.
ps3 fan screws Remove the 3 screws.
ps3 fan cable Disconnect the cable from the motherboard.
ps3 fan removed Remove the fan.
ps3 heatsink bracket screws Remove the four screws and the two heatsink brackets.
ps3 motherboard bottom cover Remove the bottom motherboard shield.
ps3 heatsinks removed Remove the heatsink assembly. Don't touch the thermal compound on the heatsink.
ps3 battery cable Disconnect the battery from the motherboard.
ps3 hard drive screw Remove the screw, slide the hard drive to the left, and pull it out.
ps3 hard drive case screws Remove two more screws.
ps3 motherboard top cover removal Remove the top motherboard shield.
ps3 motherboard top  
ps3 motherboard bottom Done.
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