PSP 3000 LCD Screen Replacement Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to open your PSP 3000 and replace the LCD screen and backlight.

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Symptoms of a broken PSP screen:

  • Cracks in the screen
  • Part of the lcd screen stays black when psp is turned on
  • Black spots, lines, or strange colors on the screen

Stuff you will need:

  • A few small screwdrivers (phillips #00, flat head)
  • Ziplock bags for screws and small parts
Click on the pictures for a bigger version.
psp 3000 repair service
psp 3000 top screws Start by removing the two small screws on the top of the psp.
psp 3000 back screws Take out your battery and remove the four screws accessible from the back.
psp 3000 bottom screws Remove the last screw on the bottom and carefully take the faceplate off.
psp 3000 home bar

The blue strip under the screen is the home bar. Circled in red are the clips that hold the bar in place. Use your flathead screwdriver to pry the bar off the clips.

psp 3000 lcd clips The lcd screen is also held in place by similar clips. Again, use your flathead screwdriver to pry between the screen and the black plastic part that it clips on to.
psp 3000 lcd clips 2

Do the same on the other side.

psp 3000 lcd cable connectors
You should now be able to lift the screen up to get access to the cables. The backlight cable is circled in green and the lcd cable is circled in red.

The connectors have clasps that you have to lift up to release the cables. The picture shows what the clasps look like when open. They break easily so be careful and take your time!

Installation is the reverse of removal.
psp 3000 repair service
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