PSP 3000 UMD Drive Replacement Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to replace the UMD Drive in your PSP 3000.

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Symptoms of a bad UMD drive:

  • UMDs not loading
  • Games crash
  • Noises from the UMD area

Stuff you will need:

  • A few small screwdrivers (phillips #00, flat head)
  • Ziplock bags for screws and small parts
Click on the pictures for a bigger version.
psp 3000 repair service
psp 3000 lcd screen replacement tutorial To get to the UMD drive you need to remove the LCD screen. This is covered in our PSP 3000 LCD Screen Replacement Tutorial.
psp 3000 umd cable Disconnect the wider yellow cable first. There are ears on the side of the connector that you have to push to release the cable.
psp 3000 umd power cable The smaller black/brown cable has a connector with a clasp. Lift up the clasp as shown in the picture to release the cable.
psp 3000 umd door spring

Next you have to remove the spring for the umd door. The white square part holds the spring in place. Use your flathead screwdriver to pry it out.

psp 3000 umd door spring 2 The part of the spring circled in green slides into a hole in the umd door circled in red. Push the umd door part in the direction of the arrow and push the spring backwards until it pops out of the hole.
psp 3000 umd cage Take the UMD cage off the frame as shown in the picture.
psp 3000 umd door removal

Flip the PSP over and pry the door out with the flathead screwdriver.

psp 3000 umd door removed The umd door removed with umd cage attached.
psp 3000 umd switch Before you replace the umd drive check the two switches shown in these pictures. They control the umd drive. If one is broken your umd drive will not work.
psp 3000 umd switch 2  
psp 3000 umd screws Remove the four screws shown in the picture. They have rubber boots which you may need to reuse in your new drive.
psp 3000 umd removed Remove the old drive. Installation is the reverse of removal.
psp 3000 repair service
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