PSP Slim 2001 Analog Stick Replacement Tutorial

A broken analog stick / joystick is one of the most common psp slim problems. Fortunately, it can be replaced without doing any major psp surgery.

You can purchase a replacement PSP slim analog stick in the Zombie Store.

Symptoms of a broken PSP slim analog stick:

  • moves on its own
  • stuck in one direction
  • top plastic part broken off

Stuff you will need:

psp slim repair service
psp slim 2001 joystick screw

To get to the PSP slim analog stick you have to remove the faceplate (and void the warranty). This is covered in the PSP slim 2001 screen replacement tutorial. You don't have to remove the screen to remove the analog stick.

After you get the faceplate off remove the screw above the analog stick.

psp slim 2001 joystick removal Lift the analog stick up and slide it out to the left. You might have to wiggle it around a little bit, but it will come out. Circled in green is the little plastic contact that lets the joystick talk to the motherboard. Try not to lose it, but if you do we sell a replacement contact in the Zombie Store.
psp slim 2001 joystick cap off This is a shot of the joystick with the cap removed. Installation is the reverse of removal.
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