PSP Analog Stick Replacement Tutorial

A broken analog stick is the second most common PSP problem. In this tutorial we will show you how to remove the faceplate and replace the PSP analog stick

You can purchase a replacement PSP analog stick in the Zombie Store.

Symptoms of a broken PSP analog stick:

  • moves on its own
  • stuck in one direction
  • top plastic part broken off

Stuff you will need:

  • Broken PSP
  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips)
  • New PSP analog stick / joystick
psp repair service
To get to the PSP analog stick you have to remove the faceplate (and void the warranty). This is already covered in the PSP screen replacement tutorial.
Remove the PSP analog stick cover (just pull it off).
This is the part that you have to replace. Remove the two small screws.
Take off the washer thats on top of the old PSP analog stick and place it on the new one. Replace the two screws, put the faceplate back on the PSP, and replace the five screws. Turn on the PSP and make sure everything is working properly.
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