PSP Screen Replacement Tutorial

That big shiny screen is one of the PSP's coolest features and its biggest weakness. Many PSP screens have at least a few dead pixels and some have entire lines or groups of them. The PSP screen is also extremely susceptible to cracks and other damage. Even a short fall can ruin it if it's not properly protected. In this tutorial we will show you how to remove the faceplate, screen assembly, and the lcd panel.

You can purchase a replacement PSP screen assembly in the Zombie Store.

Symptoms of a broken PSP screen:

  • Dead or stuck pixels (black dots or lines on the screen)
  • Parts of the screen are black or garbled
  • The screen is cracked or spiderwebbed.

Stuff you will need:

  • Broken PSP
  • A few small screwdrivers (phillips 00, 000)
  • New PSP screen


psp repair service
This is a psp with a cracked screen.
The front cover of the PSP is held in place by 5 screws (use your philips screwdriver). To get to two of the screws you have to remove the battery cover and the battery.
Screw #2 may be covered by a warranty sticker. You can try to peel it back a little to get to the screw or you can just rip it off (and void your warranty).
Screw #3 is on the side of the PSP.
The last two screws are on the memory stick side of the PSP. Dont forget to remove the memory stick
When youre done with the screws you can remove the front cover aka faceplate.
Now take off the button bar thats on top of the screen. Its connected to the motherboard by a little cable on the right side of the PSP. Use your nail or a flathead screwdriver to lift up the brownish clasp and pull out the cable.
Here you see the connector for the button bar in the previous picture and two of the clips that hold the lcd assembly.
The other two clips on the left side.
Insert your flathead screwdriver between the screen and the metal screen support and turn it a bit to release the clips on left side. Now you should be able to pull out the screen. Watch out for the two cables that connect the screen to the motherboard.
The screen assembly is out of the PSP and you can see the two cables.

The cables are held in place by two black clasps. You have to lift the clasps up (gently!!!) to release the cables. (The left clasp in the picture is broken. If one of the clasps in your PSP is broken you better start saving up for a new PSP or a new motherboard.)

This is the PSP screen assembly. If you purchased a complete screen assembly with a backlight you can skip the next six steps.
Next were going to remove the backlight.
Use a screwdriver to open up these four clips (same way as before). You might have to use a little force to get the front cover off because its attached with some adhesive
This is a picture of the screen assembly with the front cover off.
Use a small screwdriver to pry one of the corners of the LCD out of the backlight. The LCD panel is attached to the backlight with an adhesive strip so you may have to use some force to get it out.
This is what your replacement screen should look like. They usually come with a screen protector on each side. Dont forget to remove both of them before you install the screen. Try not to touch the surface after you remove the screen protectors.
Put the new screen into the backlight and put the front cover back on.
Plug the cables into the connectors and close the clasps
Put the screen assembly back into the PSP and make sure all the clips are in place. Now turn on the PSP and make sure the screen is working properly. Turn off the PSP. Put the button bar back on top of the screen and connect it to the motherboard.
Put the faceplate back on the PSP and screw it back together. Youre done!
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