Wii Case Opening Tutorial

Opening up a Wii is not overly complicated if you take your time and keep track of all the parts and screws you remove. The screws are covered by stickers or plastic "feet". You don't really need the stickers, but you probably want to keep the feet and reuse them. Some of the screws are phillips and others are tri-wing. Keep track of which goes where. It's a good idea to keep the screws for each side in a separate ziplock bag.

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Stuff you will need:

  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips, tri-wing)
  • Plastic bags to keep track of all the screws

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

wii right side screws

Start by removing the screws on the right side of the Wii. Removing the screw marked by the red triangle will allow you to slide out a plastic tray with a battery in it. Under that panel will be another screw that you have to remove.

wii bottom screws Flip your Wii over and remove these four screws.
wii front panel removal Slide the faceplate off the Wii. It's attached to the motherboard by a couple of thin wires so be careful.
wii front panel connector Disconnect the faceplate from the motherboard.
wii left side screws Remove these three screws on the left side of the Wii.
wii side door removal Remove the two doors that cover the left side. They pop right out if you pull on them.
wii left cover removal Take off the black piece that covers the left side.
wii left side screws Just a few more screws to remove.
wii top cover removal Now slide the top half of the case off gently. If it doesn't want to come off you probably missed a screw.
wii top cover off You're done.
wii repair service
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