Wii Optical Drive Disc Insertion/Ejection Motor Replacement Tutorial

The insertion/ejection motor is responsible for sucking in the discs and ejecting them. If your Wii has stopped taking discs the first thing you should check is whether you can hear a noise when you attempt to insert the disc into the wii. If you hear a noise the first thing you should check is the belt on the insertion/ejection motor. If that's still in good shape the motor is probably dead. If you don't hear any noise at all the small board on top of the drive that detects the disc and tells the drive to turn on the motor might be bad. To replace the motor you'll need to disassemble the Wii optical drive and solder a couple of wires.

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Stuff you will need:

  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips, tri-wing, flathead )
  • New wii insertion ejection motor
  • Soldering iron

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

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wii dvd logic board

Follow our Wii DVD / Optical Drive Replacement Tutorial to remove the drive.

wii disk insert motor To replace the insertion / ejection motor you first need to desolder the two wires you see in the picture from the logic board.
wii top cover screws Next you'll need to remove the top cover. Remove the screws circled in the picture. The yellow screw holds a small circuit board that you see on top of the drive. There is a hole in the top cover that lets you take it off with the circuit board still connected to the logic board.
wii insert eject belt This is the motor and circled in red is the rubber belt that it spins.
wii insert eject belt 2 Take the belt off.
wii insert eject motor removed Now you can push the motor up and out the other side of the drive. Replace it and follow the steps in reverse to reassemble the drive.
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