Wii Optical Drive Logic Board Replacement Tutorial

There are lots of possible reasons why you might want to replace your Wii DVD optical drive logic board. The process isn't all that complicated once you get your drive out of the console (covered in our other tutorials). You will, however, need a soldering iron to connect the wires from the drive's motors to your new logic board.

Tip: Your new logic board doesn't have to be the same version as your old one. They are interchangeable.

You can purchase a Wii replacement optical drive logic board in the Zombie Store.

Stuff you will need:

  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips, tri-wing)
  • New dvd optical drive logic board
  • Soldering iron and related tools

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

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wii dvd logic board

First, follow our Wii DVD Optical Drive Replacement Tutorial to remove your drive.

wii dvd laser cable Disconnect the laser cable first. The connector has two little "ears" on the sides. Pull those ears back at the same time to release the cable and pull it out.
wii spin motor cable The spindle motor cable connector works the same as the laser cable connector. Disconnect this cable as well
wii dvd drive lift up This is the cable for the small circuit board that detects when the disc is inserted into the drive. It is not locked into the connector and can be pulled right out.
wii laser move motor This is where things get a little more complicated. These wires have to be disconnected and resoldered to your new logic board. All you have to do is touch the solder with your iron, wait for it to melt, and remove the wire. Then on your new logic board just melt the solder and insert the wire. From left to right the wires are: white, blue, gray, yellow.
wii disk insert motor These wires also have to be soldered to your new logic board. The brown wire on the left and pink on the right.
wii logic screws The two screws that hold the logic board to the drive are circled in green. Remove them. Circled in red are three small hooks on the drive. To remove the logic board slide it down a little so it clears the hooks.
wii logic board removed Now just follow the steps in reverse to install your new board.
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