Wii DVD / Optical Drive Replacement Tutorial

If your Wii is having trouble reading games or if you screwed up a mod you might need to replace your Wii DVD / Optical drive. Fortunately, the Wii drives are not firmware locked to the motherboard so you can just plug a new one in.

You can purchase a Wii replacement dvd / optical drive in the Zombie Store.

Stuff you will need:

  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips, tri-wing)
  • New dvd drive
  • Plastic bags to keep track of all the screws

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

wii case opened

First, follow our Wii Case Opening Tutorial to open up your Wii.

wii drive cover removed The silver cover comes right off.
wii dvd drive screws Remove the four screws in this picture. Each screw has a rubber "boot" that you will need to reuse with your new drive.
wii dvd drive lift up Lift up the drive gently. It is attached to the motherboard with a power cable and a data cable.
wii dvd drive cables Lift up the brown clasp and disconnect the data cable. Use needlenose pliers or your fingers to pull out the power cable connector. Installation is the reverse of removal.
wii repair service
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