Wii Optical Drive Spindle Motor Replacement Tutorial

The spindle motor spins the disc in your Wii's optical drive. If your Wii has stopped reading discs and you don't hear a spinning noise after you insert a disc the spindle motor is probably dead. This motor can be replaced without soldering, but requires you to disassemble the Wii optical drive.

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Stuff you will need:

  • A couple of small screwdrivers (phillips, tri-wing, flathead)
  • New wii spindle motor

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

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wii dvd logic board

Follow our Wii DVD / Optical Drive Replacement Tutorial to remove the drive.

wii dvd laser cable Disconnect the laser cable first. The connector has two little "ears" on the sides. Pull those ears back at the same time to release the cable and pull it out.
wii spin motor cable The spindle motor cable connector works the same as the laser cable connector. Disconnect this cable too.
wii dvd drive lift up This is the cable for the small circuit board that detects when the disc is inserted into the drive. It is not locked into the connector and can be pulled right out.
wii logic screws The two screws that hold the logic board to the drive are circled in green. Remove them. Circled in red are three small hooks on the drive. To remove the logic board slide it down a little so it clears the hooks.
wii laser cover screw ove the logic board out of the way and remove the screw in the metal laser cover.
wii laser cover clip There are two clips on each side and two on the front that hold the metal cover in place. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry/bend them loose. The metal is thin and easy to bend back into shape for reassembly.
wii laser cover clip 2 Two more on the other side.
wii laser cover clip 3 Two on the front.
wii laser cover removed Remove the cover.
wii spindle motor screws

Remove the three torx screws that hold the spindle motor to the drive (instead of torx you can use a small flathead screwdriver).

Note: When installing the new motor screw the 3 screws in all the way and back them off 3-4 turns. With the Wii open, turned on, and a disc in the drive adjust the screws until the disc spins freely and you hear no scratching noises.

wii spindle motor removed You can now remove the spindle motor. Follow the steps in reverse to reassemble.
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