Wii Optical Drive Troubleshooting Tutorial

The optical drive is probably the most common source of problems in the Wii. In this tutorial we'll try to go through the most common issues and tell you how to diagnose and fix your Wii optical drive.

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Stuff you will need:

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1. Disc not inserting or ejecting -

The problem is most likely a blown fuse on the drive's logic board. The fuses are located next to the power cable connector and have the letter N on them. Test them with a multimeter (set it to continuity and touch both sides of fuse). If the fuse is blown you'll have to replace it. Simply break off the old fuse with a sharp pair of wire cutters and solder in a new one.

If the fuse is good your next step is to replace the insertion/ejection motor. See our Wii Drive Insertion/Ejection Motor Replacement Tutorial.

2. Disc not spinning, but inserts/ejects as normal - The problem could be a dead laser, spindle motor, or laser movement motor.

To check the laser, open the Wii and, in a dark room, insert a disc into your Wii. You should see a red light if the laser is working. If you don't see it you probably need a new laser. See our Wii Drive Laser Replacement Tutorial.

Next, check the laser movement motor. With the Wii open, insert a disc into the drive and see if the motor turns on and the laser moves back and forth. If it doesn't move at all the motor is probably blown. See our Wii Drive Laser Movement Motor Replacement Tutorial.

If the other tests show nothing you most likely have a blown spindle motor. See our Wii Drive Spindle Motor Replacement Tutorial.

3. Disc spins, inserts, and ejects, but you get disc read errors -

You most likely have a dying laser. The problem starts with occassional issues and eventually gets to the point where the Wii won't read any discs at all. See our Wii Drive Laser Replacement Tutorial.

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