Xbox Thomson DVD Drive Laser Replacement Tutorial

Symptoms of a broken Xbox Thomson DVD Drive:

  • Freezing in movies and games.
  • Slow loading.
  • Skipping

Stuff you will need:

  • Thomson DVD Drive with a broken laser
  • Screwdrivers (torx and phillips #0)
  • Screw grabber
  • New Xbox Thomson Laser
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive This is a broken XBOX Thomson DVD Drive.
XBOX Thomson Open This is a super-secret zombie drive opening machine aka paper clip.
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive Open Stick the super-secret zombie drive opening machine in the little hole on the front panel of the dvd drive. The dvd tray will slowly slide out of the drive.
XBOX Thomson DVD Cover Open Remove the two screws that hold the cover. Now push in the two little black catches next to the screws and lift the cover off the dvd drive.
XBOX Thomson DVD Tray Open Pull the DVD drive tray all the way out of the drive.
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive Screws and Cable The thomson laser is held in place by four small screws. You will need a good Phillips #0 screwdriver to get them out without damaging them.
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive Broken Laser Removal Remove the white cable (pull the two tabs on the sides of the connector) and pull out the broken laser.
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive Empty Install the replacement Thomson dvd drive laser (installation is the reverse of removal).
XBOX Thomson DVD Drive Repaired That's all folks!
Copyright 2006