XBOX 360 Disassembly Tutorial

Opening the xbox 360 seems difficult at first because microsoft used a screwless case. Fortunatelely for you the console zombie isnt scared of a few plastic clips. In this tutorial we will show you how to open the xbox 360 and remove the dvd drive.

Stuff you will need:

xbox 360 hard drive removed We're working with a core 360. If you have a premium 360, take off the hard drive first.
xbox 360 faceplate removal Remove the faceplate. Stick your thumb into the slot, press, and pull.
xbox 360 void warranty Remove the warranty sticker (this obviously voids your warranty).
xbox 360 right cover clips The right plastic cover is attached with 6 plastic clips. There are three on each side.
xbox 360 right cover clips To release the clips just stick the Ultimate 360 Opening Tool through the holes and push the clip while pulling up on the cover.
xbox 360 right cover removal Start on one side and work your way back.
xbox 360 right cover removed Right cover removed
xbox 360 left cover cilps xbox 360 clips illustration The left cover is a little more complicated. Two of the clips are only accessible through holes in the cover (see picture). You have to stick your paperclip between the side of the case and the clip and push the clip open.
xbox 360 left cover clips Another clip...
xbox 360 left cover clips To access one of the clips on the left you have to remove one of the case feet. Its attached with some adhesive.
xbox 360 left cover clips Closer look at the hole...
xbox 360 left cover removed The left cover removed.
xbox 360 back clips

This is the trickiest part. There are 7 clips on the back of the 360. Stick your paperclip in there and push. You should hear a nice solid click when a clip is released.

xbox 360 back clips Now do the same on the right. After all the clips are released push the two halves of the case apart. As you're pushing the two halves apart you might have to give the clips one final push to get them open.
xbox 360 back clips open The back of the case with the clips open and the two halves separated.
xbox 360 front clips The front is easier to work with. Three clips on the left...
xbox 360 front clips and one on the right.
xbox 360 front clips open You can open them up with a fingernail or a thin screwdriver.
xbox 360 front clips open The right clip open and two halves separated. You should now be able to remove the bottom half of the case.
xbox 360 eject button This is the eject button.
xbox 360 eject button removed Its not attached with any screws. Just pull it out.
xbox 360 case bottom off To get the bottom half of the case off you'll need to remove these 6 torx screws.
xbox 360 case top removed Top half of the case removed.
xbox 360 drive adhesive The dvd drive is attached with a little adhesive piece. Peel it off.
xbox 360 dvd drive cable removed The dvd drive cables are a pain to get out without pliers.
xbox 360 air duct removal Stick your flathead screwdriver into the hole and release the clip that holds the air duct. Remove the air duct.
xbox 360 motherboard The xbox 360 motherboard.
xbox 360 motherboard Another picture of the motherboard from a different angle.
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